About Havatec BV

“Hightec Simplicity”

Machinery for Horticulture

The year 2000 is the year Havatec started developing machines for the mushroom industry. Shortly after this period Havatec builded an advanced machine that sorts flower bulbs with X-Ray technology. Since 2003 Havatec developed a wide selection of machines for bundling & sorting all kind of flowers with packaging technology. Till now Havatec delivered more than 100 companies a “Havatec machine”. Havatec is a leading company in the Agro & Food industry. The rules of engineering that Havatec maintains during development are: “simplicity, reliability and affordability”

We call it  “HIGH-TEC SIMPLICITY” which represents our way of creating and developing Havatec machines. The main purpose is that a machine must be fully operational for 16 hours a day without any malfunctions.

Machinery for Food

Since 2009, with all experience, Havatec started a development program for Food machinery. At the moment we are busy  with a 3D – X-ray scanner for cheese industry purposes.

Another program that has been started is the development of high resolution counting hardware.

X-Ray specialism

During years Havatec specialized thoroughly in X-ray technique. Besides the usage of x-ray technique in our machines Havatec develops its own X-ray line scan camera. That’s why Havatec is leading in 3D – X-ray development.

All Havatec machinery that are operational at this moment are developed in a program that consists of potential users. Mostly a program like this exists of 1 to 30 members. This way of development guarantees a most wanted machine with all end user -requirements in it.

Production and service

In 2008 there has been a reorganization of the engineering and production department. At this moment Havatec has a professional team with all necessary specialism’s. This will give every project a perfect point of departion.

After sales and support

When starting a project with a team of end users we do realize it can be a time-consuming matter. The Havatec culture originates from this way of working , this is why we can say:

“Customer care during machine life cycle and after is a part of the deal.”