Havatec BV is your partner for fully automated processing of mechanically harvested mushrooms on your mushroom farm. Whether you need a processing capacity of 2 t or 20 t per hour, Havatec BV always has the right solution. The best solution for you depends partly on the number of sorting sizes you want.

The solution for your farm will be made up of one or more of the following components:

1. Conveyor belts
2. Spreader belt
3. Distributor belts
4. Perforated belt sorting machines (up to 6 sorting sizes)
5. OTF sorting machines (from 6 to 12 sorting sizes)
6. Orientation cutting machines

You can see all these components in action in the video below. The pictures speak for themselves. In brief terms, the various components operate as follows:

Spreader belt

Conveyer belts that carry the mushrooms from the growing rooms to the processing room often tend to be +/- 50 cm wide. But this width is not suitable for supplying mushrooms to a sorting machine, because the mushrooms need to be conveyed in a single layer to ensure effective sorting. The spreader belt is fitted with gradually diverging wires which spread the mushrooms out to a processing width of 100 cm without damaging them.

Distributor belts

For capacity reasons it is sometimes necessary to split the mushroom flow. In the video you can see the main flow of mushrooms being divided into four streams to four OTF sorting machines.

Perforated belt sorting machines

What is special about Havatec’s perforated belt sorting machines is that the conveyer rollers have an open structure designed to prevent the mushrooms from getting crushed. There are also collection belts under the perforated belts which catch any mushrooms trapped in the holes on the return part of the belt.

Perforated belt sorting machines are ideal for smaller numbers of sorting sizes (max. 6).

OTF sorting machines

Havatec has developed and patented a unique sorting principle for mushrooms that have to be sorted in multiple sorting sizes. OTF stands for “One Times Falling”, which simply means that every mushroom only needs to fall once during the sorting process. This can be seen in detail in the video. The principle behind OTF is a conveyer fitted with holes that gradually increase in size in two directions.

Orientation cutting machines

The orientation cutting machines are machines that orient the mushrooms fully automatically – in other words, they line up the stems so that they can be cut fully automatically with rotating knives. The video shows this in operation. We hope you enjoy watching it!

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