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Havatec is the (international) supplier of grading, bunching and handling machines for the cut flower industry. Havatec delivers turn-key cut flower projects based on low, mid and high tech concepts. These various levels of technique provide solutions for any flower company and yields high returns. Havatec has specialized herself in mechanical solutions combined with in-house software development. The methods of grading are x-ray based techniques, color cameras and infra-red rays. The necessary science is deep rooted within the Havatec personnel, providing the distinctive innovation urge Havatec has become known for. Some of the cutting flowers that are processed on the Havatec concepts are: Chrysanthemum, Sprayrose, Gerbera, Tulip, Alstroemeria, Carnation, Zantedeschia (Calla), Lily and many more.
Twister: We can SCALE UP efficient
Just before the hectic days leading up to Mother's Day on the 9th of May begin, we meet with Denise de Zeeuw (Celdomy) and Bas Verdel (Verdel Flowers) to talk about their experiences with the Havatec Twister. Hardly a year after this machine was launched on the market, it has
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“The Havatec Hand Tied Bouquet machine”
The Havatec Twister is the first machine in the world that makes hand turned flower bouquets. The Twister makes bouquets with 10 to 35 stems and is available in different versions. It has several tables that hold a variety of flowers. The tables are filled manually according to a chosen...
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Havatec 3D printing machine parts
Havatec improves, automates and accelerates production with HP 3D Printing HP Multi Jet Fusion technology has allowed Havatec to design and produce stronger, more durable parts for its flower-bunching machine Read the article 3D printen Havatec from HP.
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Havatec WAVE with Alstroemeria
Havatec continues to develop and optimize our machines for sorting, cutting, deleafing and bunching of cut flowers. One of our new machines is the WAVE, suitable for ...
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Havatec Bouquet processing
For 2 years Havatec also makes machines for the bouquet and flower export branch. This encouraged us to make a nice movie illustrating all possibilities. Havatec Bouquet lines are adaptable with many made-to-measure design possibilities. The line is built up with ...
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High profile, little visitors visiting Havatec
Today we were visited by children from group 2. They are attending the Public Elementary School De Regenboog in Noordwijkerhout. They were allowed to look everywhere and of course they were given lemonade with a box of sweets. It is nice to be able to make children aware at a
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