Binding line for flowers

Havatec supplies various customer-specific flower processing lines, including binding lines. The Havatec binding lines are customer-specifically constructed with standard Havatec components. Customers themselves determine the placement section as well as the number or type of binders. The width and speed of the binding line can be controlled infinitely. The Havatec binding lines are used for small, large and manually bound bouquets.

Specifications and parts

The standard binding line consists of the following parts and specifications:

  • Working from right to left or vice versa
  • Panel belt made of blue pvc
  • Several binder positions
  • Stand-alone button control unit
  • Emergency stop system

Expansion of the binding lines

Our binding lines can be configured according to your wishes, using various components and expansions offered by Havatec.

  • Bindlijn_1
  • Bindlijn_2
  • Bindlijn_3
  • Bindlijn_4

The combination results in the required bouquet and cutting & binding line

Due to the endless combinations that are possible by means of the different components offered by us, we are able to create a customised bouquet and cutting & binding line that exactly meets your requirements. You make your selection from the components and then we will give you advice about the possibilities. Our specialists really enjoy helping you to create the best automated process in your company.

Bouquet making

Bouquet making

A variety of Havatec machines enables the automatic bunching of mono or twisted bouquets.


Our made to measure binding lines for the flower industry with limitless combinations.
Refurbished or Pre-owned

Refurbished or…

Search for used Havatec machines, refurbished and with full warranty.


Automatic sleeving machine for flowers and bouquets, suitable for every flower line.