FloraStar: sorting and bunching of various flowers

The FloraStar allows sorting and bunching of 10,000 flowers per hour. The machine is suitable for many different species of flowers, such as alstroemeria, spray carnation, chrysanthemum and hypericum. The flowers are sorted on the basis of length, curve, weight and number of buds. The stems and buds can be hidden between the leaves, which is why X-ray technology is being used. The FloraStar was developed in cooperation with a group of 9 alstroemeria growers.

Sorting with X-ray

The flowers are sorted on the basis of multiple aspects (length, curve, weight and number of buds). As the stem and buds can be hidden between the leaves, an ordinary camera will not be sufficient. That is why the FloraStar uses X-ray technology, in which Havatec has gained years of expertise.

Uniform bunches

Thanks to objective measurement by the machine, sorting differences between members of staff are a thing of the past. This is very favourable for the uniformity of the bunches. The classification is entered once per species or customer via the touch screen and recorded in the control unit of the machine. Adjusting the classification is very easy and can be done by the growers themselves.

As the machine performs the classification, personnel is no longer required to remain focused for a long period of time. The simplicity of feeding in the flowers provides a lot of flexibility. The machine itself determines the head height of the flower by means of a fully automated setting unit, ensuring all flowers end up in the bunch at the same height.

Independent infeed with several persons

By default, the machine has 3 infeed belts that can be filled with flowers independently from one another at a rate of 1 stem per second. In this way it is prevented that a second infeeder only sees full bags passing by. In this way, a high capacity of 10,000 flowers per hour is achieved.

Floor surface

In case of a FloraStar with 3 sorting actions, the machine is 20 metres long and 2 metres wide. As the various sortings into bunches are made on the same panel belt, only 2 binders are required for all sortings. The machine has a deleafer unit. Both the angle and speed of the rotors can be adjusted.


  • Dimensions: 16 x 2.5 x 3 metres (l x w x h)
  • Weight: Approx. 3,500 kg
  • Processing: 10,000 flowers per hour
  • Inspection: X-ray
  • FloraStar__vlcsnap-2021-08-26-09h58m12s305
  • FloraStar_vlcsnap-2021-08-26-09h56m40s122
  • FloraStar_vlcsnap-2021-08-26-09h59m12s552
  • _DSC5523

All you need to know about the FloraStar insert machine

Our specialists are looking forward to answering any questions you might have about sorting and bunching with the FloraStar. They enjoy personal contact. They answer all questions and always guarantee good advice by telephone or via video calling. On weekdays they are available from 7 am to 4:30 pm at +31 (0)252 241490.



The stems are sorted by length, thickness and flower height with optical, X-Ray or infra red camera's.


Flowers are automatically bunched with a preset amount without any quality loss.


Cut and saw units for bunches or single stems at high or low speed.


Pin-belt or brush deleafers for removing leaves from flowerstems in various Havatec machines.


Our made to measure binding lines for the flower industry with limitless combinations.
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About Havatec

It was in the year 2000 that Havatec started with the development of machines for the mushroom sector. Not long after that Havatec developed an advanced machine for the grading and bunching of flower bulbs using X-ray techniques. As from 2003, Havatec has an extensive range of machines for automated grading and bunching of flowers, for packaging flowers in boxes.

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