FlowMaster cards: the semi-automatic insert machine for gerbera

The machine is suitable for gerbera cards. The machine is modular and has a universal card holder. In this way, packagings of different sizes can run on the same line. The line is frequency-controlled and flexible. During a busy period, several people are working at the same time.


  • Various packagings run on the same line
  • Flexibly deployable
  • More efficient supply


  • The circular chain transport has an adjustable variable speed
  • The chain transport is provided with card holders
  • The holder is able to handle different gerbera packagings

The FlowMaster consists of:

  • Card buffer station with transfer mechanism
  • Main conveyor built per running metre
  • Universal card holders
  • Cutting unit with adjustable knife
  • One or more binder positions
  • Buffer conveyors including sleeving position
  • Control system
  • Flowmaster_gerbera_kaarten
  • Flowmaster_kaarten
  • Flowmaster_kaarten_Havatec
  • Flowmaster_kaarten_Havatec_gerbera

All you need to know about the FlowMaster gerbera card insert machine 

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