RoyalStar: bunching and inserting of gerbera

The RoyalStar was the first flower sorting and bunching machine developed by Havatec. This is where our knowledge of flowers began, and today they are still running. The first RoyalStar was installed in 2005. The RoyalStar is a bunching technology for bundling various different gerberas. The machine itself makes sure that the flowers are separated and processed at a mutually even distance from one another.

Automated separation system

The automated separation system offers the possibility to enter the gerberas with several flowers at the same time. The machine itself makes sure that the flowers are separated and processed at a mutually even distance from one another. In practice, this technology has a capacity of 10,000 to 12,000 flower positions per hour. It can be filled by 2 persons, so that each persons enters 5000 to 7000 flowers per hour.

Automated bunching

For bundling the gerbera flowers, a new bunching technology was developed. This technology offers the possibility to bundle the flowers in bunches of at least 3 and maximum 25 stems. The flowers are placed directly and automatically on a panel belt. A major benefit of this bunching principle is that it allows continuous bunching with 1 bunching station. No capacity is lost when changing the bunch. Each bunching station is made with one or two binding stations and the possibility of a sleeving position.

Camera inspection

Each RoyalStar is equipped with 2 camera systems. One camera measures the diameter of the flower, while the other measures the stem length and the stem curve.

Insertion technology

For automated insertion of gerbera in the interiors, the machine can be expanded with an insertion section:

  • The ends are automatically removed from all gerberas
  • Each individual gerbera flower is positioned in such a way that the bottom of the stem ends up just above a hopper unit. The hopper hole is located above the holes in the interiors
  • In the unfolding unit, the interiors are unfolded automatically; by means of a distribution system, the interiors are distributed over different insertion lanes

"The RoyalStar represents the first Flower sorting & bundling machine in the world"


  • Suitable for large and small flowery gerbera
  • High capacity
  • Insertion section now also available for Diamond packaging
  • Two infeed locations
  • Concepts in combination with a MonoStar for the best labour performances
  • RoyalStar
  • RoyalStar_Havatec
  • RoyalStard
  • royalstara

All you need to know about our RoyalStar

Our specialists are looking forward to answering any questions you might have about our RoyalStar. They enjoy personal contact. They answer all questions and always guarantee good advice by telephone or via video calling. On weekdays they are available from 7 am to 4:30 pm at +31 (0)252 241490.



The stems are sorted by length, thickness and flower height with optical, X-Ray or infra red camera's.


Flowers are automatically bunched with a preset amount without any quality loss.


Semi automatic lines for inserting gerbera's in automatically folded boxes or cards.


Cut and saw units for bunches or single stems at high or low speed.


Our made to measure binding lines for the flower industry with limitless combinations.
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About Havatec

It was in the year 2000 that Havatec started with the development of machines for the mushroom sector. Not long after that Havatec developed an advanced machine for the grading and bunching of flower bulbs using X-ray techniques. As from 2003, Havatec has an extensive range of machines for automated grading and bunching of flowers, for packaging flowers in boxes.

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