T-Star synchro unit

The T-Star synchro unit is part of the TulipStar, which was developed as a stand-alone unit. The machine comes between the Havatec Debulber and the Quality Buncher. The flowers come out of the debulber and the T-Star synchro unit places the tulips at the required distance, so they end up exactly on pitch in the Quality Buncher. This makes it easier to straighten the flowers and increases the capacity of the Quality Buncher.


  • Less correction work, which means less labour
  • Higher speed without deployment of personnel
  • Faster bunching
  • Accurate working method
  • Fewer counting errors in the Quality Buncher


  • Compact structure
  • Suitable for all debulbers
  • High capacity
  • T-Star_Havatec
  • T-Star_Synchro_Unit_Havatec

All you need to know about the T-Star synchro unit

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Automatic debulbing of tulips resulting in maximum length without damaging the stem.