Terra sleeving machine

Terra sleeving machine

The Terra sleeving machine can be placed directly behind the flower line and is able to sleeve all types and sizes of flowers and bouquets. When a bunch is fed from the conveyor, it runs over the intermediate belt and is transferred into the roof belt. Then, our supply belt makes a step.

When a supply belt is filled with bunches, the supply belt of the sleeving machine continuous to make steps. After having made a number of steps on this belt, the bunches reach the pick up position. In this position, the bunches are centred at the bottom and lifted at the same time. The sleeving blocks are in the sleeving trays, which are firmly mounted in the machine. This prevent that the supply of flowers must be temporarily stopped when changing the sleeving package.

The pull in robot of the sleeving machine picks up the bottom side of the bunch and pulls it into the sleeving machine. In order to prevent damage to the flowers when the bunches are picked up from the supply belt, the bunches are tilted upwards.  This will partly or fully remove the pressure that the flowers apply on the belt.

Benefits of the Terra sleeving machine:

  • Very easy to adjust
  • Different bouquet sizes
  • High capacity; 2, 3 or 4 scale machine available
  • Saves costs
  • Accurate
  • Constant quality


Supply system

The supply system consists of a supply belt (roof belt dimensions: 3 * 0.6 metre) placed behind your bunching line.  The transition from your bunching line to this roof belt is formed by an intermediate belt (with smaller roller diameter) and an upper sponge belt. The space the roofs becomes 65 mm for slim products and approx. 100 mm for wider products. Narrow or wide can be selected via the display.

Sleeving machine

Step-by-step, the objective of the machine is as follows:

  • Picking up flower bunches from the supply belt
  • Pulling the flower bunches into the sleeving hopper
  • Separating, opening and pulling over the sleeve
  • Removing the sleeved flower bunches from the sleeving hopper and laying them down.
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All you need to know about the Terra sleeving machine with sleeve buffer

Our specialists are looking forward to answering any questions you might have about our Terro sleeving machine with sleeve buffer. They enjoy personal contact. They provide you with good advice by telephone or via video calling. On weekdays they are available from 7 am to 4:30 pm at +31 (0)252 241490. Our contactpage is available 24/7 for all questions you may have. We promise to give you a prompt and fitting answer.



Automatic sleeving machine for flowers and bouquets, suitable for every flower line.
About Havatec

It was in the year 2000 that Havatec started with the development of machines for the mushroom sector. Not long after that Havatec developed an advanced machine for the grading and bunching of flower bulbs using X-ray techniques. As from 2003, Havatec has an extensive range of machines for automated grading and bunching of flowers, for packaging flowers in boxes.

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