Our made to measure binding lines for the flower industry with limitless combinations.

Twister bouquet line

Twister bouquet line

The Havatec Twister, automated twisted bouquets of 10-35 stems with various designs
Buncher for summer flowers

QB for summer flowers

Quality Buncher including pin belt deleafer unit is the perfect bunching machine for summer flower growers.


Bunching machine with X-ray system that can grade tulip stems on length, straightness and weight.
Bouquet & Export lines

Bouquet line

The Bouquet line from Havatec easily ensures a fast, clean and constant quality of bouquets.
Bunching machine for tulips

QB for tulips

Our Quality Buncher is the perfect solution for small and large tulip growers.
Tulipstar XL

TulipStar XL

Bunching machine with X-ray system and wide pockets can grade tulips in length, straightness and weight.

Binding lines

Havatec supplies various customer-specific flower processing lines, including binding lines


The MonoStar is a gerbera bunching machine developed for automated sorting and bunching of gerbera.
Quality Buncher Hortensia

QB Hydrangea

Our Quality Buncher including pin belt deleafer unit is the perfect solution for hydrangea growers.


MixTulipStar: automated sorting by X-ray and colour bunching of tulips by Mix version


The MixStar is a gerbera bunching machine for automated bunching up to 5 colours.
Quality Buncher Hyacint

QB Hyacinth

Quality Buncher Hyacinth is the perfect solution for hyacinth growers and other thick stems crops.

FlowMaster boxes

The FlowMaster boxes is a semi-automatic insert machine for serveral gerbera boxes.
Havatec Wave


The Wave processes various cut flowers into bunches sorted by length in a fully automated manner.
FlowMaster insteekmachine voor kaarten

FlowMaster cards

The FlowMaster cards is a semi-automatic insert machine for gerbera.
QBW bunching machine

QBW bunching machine

Havatec has developed a bunching machine that is suitable for both long heavy flowers and short flowers.

MagniFica Hydrangea

Sorting and bunching machine to process large flowers fully automatically.
Elastic binder

Elastic binder

Havatec elastic binder, on all our processing lines, as 'stand alone', in standard or high speed.
Havatec Wicl-B

Havatec Wicl-B

The Havatec Wicl-B is for wrapping bouquets and bunches of flowers with a rotating binder.


FloraStar sorts on basis of length, curve, weight and number of buds and bunches 10,000 flowers per hour.


The CallaStar is the sorting and bunching machine for processing calla/zantedeschia.


RoyalStar: bunching and inserting of gerbera