Bouquet making

A variety of Havatec machines enables the automatic bunching of mono or twisted bouquets.

Twister bouquet line

Twister bouquet line

The Havatec Twister, automated twisted bouquets of 10-35 stems with various designs
Bouquet & Export lines

Bouquet line

The Bouquet line from Havatec easily ensures a fast, clean and constant quality of bouquets.

Binding lines

Havatec supplies various customer-specific flower processing lines, including binding lines


MixTulipStar: automated sorting by X-ray and colour bunching of tulips by Mix version


The MixStar is a gerbera bunching machine for automated bunching up to 5 colours.
Havatec Wicl-B

Havatec Wicl-B

The Havatec Wicl-B is for wrapping bouquets and bunches of flowers with a rotating binder.
Silver Bullit

Silver Bullet

Box carrousel for placing, filling and wrapping bouquet packaging boxes for fast order processing.