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Quality Buncher Hydrangea

Our Quality Buncher Hydrangea including pin belt deleafer unit is the perfect solution for hydrangea growers. With this bunching machine for hydrangea you can achieve an excellent processing capacity, without having to depend on the skills of bunching workers. The Quality Buncher is an easy to use and effective bunching machine with a very high capacity. The machine runs with the new Havatec pin belt deleafer unit.

How the system works

The hydrangea are placed manually with the heads at the same height, using a line laser or stop. For a good operation of the system, the Quality Buncher is made with a active pin belt deleafer unit that removes virtually all the leaves from the stem. The rotating knife cuts the flowers at the set length.

Constant bunch quality

During formation of the bunch, on a specially developed hydrangea pocketbelt, the leaves are stretched by means of an air stream. The resulting bunch therefore has a constant quality and surpasses the quality of hand-made bunches. The bunch is offered to the binders step by step. The reliable Havatec elastic binders make a stroke during standstill. The binders work at a steady pace and are not extremely burdened. This ensures a firmly bound bunch. The packager takes the bunches from the belt, rolls them in paper or sleeves them and then places them in an auction barrel or bucket.


  • Capacity between 1,000 and 4,000 stems per hour
  • The number of stems in a bunch is adjustable
  • Maximum bunch length: 85 cm
  • Minimum bunch length: 40 cm
  • SCR00646
  • SCR00662
  • SCR00823
  • SCR00831

All you need to know about the Quality Buncher Hydrangea

Our specialists are looking forward to answering any questions you might have about the Quality Buncher Hydrangea bunching machine. They enjoy personal contact.  They provide you with good advice by telephone or via video calling. On weekdays they are available from 7 am to 4:30 pm at +31 (0)252 241490. Our contactpage is available 24/7 for any questions you may have, we promise a prompt and fitting answer.



Flowers are automatically bunched with a preset amount without any quality loss.


Cut and saw units for bunches or single stems at high or low speed.


Pin-belt or brush deleafers for removing leaves from flowerstems in various Havatec machines.


Our made to measure binding lines for the flower industry with limitless combinations.
About Havatec

It was in the year 2000 that Havatec started with the development of machines for the mushroom sector. Not long after that Havatec developed an advanced machine for the grading and bunching of flower bulbs using X-ray techniques. As from 2003, Havatec has an extensive range of machines for automated grading and bunching of flowers, for packaging flowers in boxes.

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