Our Machines

Havatec is the (international) supplier of grading, bunching and handling machines for the cut flower industry. Havatec delivers turn-key cut flower projects based on low, mid and high tech concepts. These various levels of technique provide solutions for any flower company and yields high returns. Havatec has specialized herself in mechanical solutions combined with in-house software development. The methods of grading are x-ray based techniques, color cameras and infra-red rays. The necessary science is deep rooted within the Havatec personnel, providing the distinctive innovation urge Havatec has become known for. Some of the cutting flowers that are processed on the Havatec concepts are: Chrysanthemum, Sprayrose, Gerbera, Tulip, Alstroemeria, Carnation, Zantedeschia (Calla), Lily and many more.

Quality Buncher 2.0: tulip buncher

The Quality Buncher (2.0) is the perfect solution for smaller and larger tulip growers. An excellent processing speed can be reached without having to rely on the skills of the bunchers. The Quality Buncher (2.0) works simple and efficient with a large capacity. Too short stems are automated de-selected.

TulipStar; automated tulip grading and bunching

The TulipStar has a proven track record when it comes to day to day grading and bunching of tulips. The bunch is compiled directly on the bunching conveyor. Leafs are nonstop held straight by an airstream while the stems are brought together in the bunch.

FloraStar: grading and bunching of various flower sorts

The FloraStar has a grading and bunching capacity of 10.000 alstroemeria’s per hour. The flowers are sorted by length, curve, weight and number of bud’s. X-ray techniques are used since bud’s and stems could be tucked away between leafs.

MagniFica: new grading and bunching machine for various flower sorts

The MagniFica is Havatec’s newest grading and bunching machine and is suited for the use of various sorts of flowers. This machine is based on a clip-and-input system that guides the bunches through an inspection unit. Right after composing the bundle it is cut to length and tied up.

MonoStar; processing of Gerberas

The MonoStar is a gerbera bunching machine specially developed for automated grading and bunching ‘mini’ Gerberas. The machine has a client order controlled effect. Making it possible to change the settings swiftly in order to process the requested orders. MonoStar is developed in several modules, providing a custom built concept for various demands.

MixStar; processing gerberas

Just like the MonoStar, the MixStar is a gerbera bunching machine designed for automated grading and bunching ‘mini’ gerberas. The MixStar grades by color, stem length and flower diameter. The machine can be set in number of stems and variations per bunch. Through the client-order controlled effect, it is possible to change the settings quickly in order to compose the requested orders.

BulbStar; simplicity in automated separation of fusarium infected bulbs

Automated selected tulip bulbs on fusarium infection with BulbStar. Manual labour will be reduced by half through the necessary selection and has a better result. Use the BulbStar to prepare tulip bulbs for export. or implement it in the nursery – in a plant line for instance.

RoyalStar: bunching and insert of Gerberas

RoyalStar is the bunching technique for bunching of Gerbera flowers. This technique offers the opportunity to bundle in bunches of stems of 7 minimum and 25 maximum. The machine itself ensures that the flowers are singulated and further equally spaced processed.