Bouquet- cut-and Bindinglines

Havatec supplies various customer-specific flower processing lines. These can only be cutting binding lines to complete bouquet lines including defoliating units. Different designs are possible. The bouquet line also has the option for an integrated labeling machine, so that the required barcode can be stuck directly onto the cover. If you are interested in 1 of the options, please contact us


  • Customer-specific support section
  • Capacity 1000-3500 bouquets per hour
  • Flower conveyor with boxes
  • Height adjustable stop or laser line setup
  • Defoliator station
  • Sawing station for cutting the stems to length
  • Running sponge tape at the height of cutting and defoliation
  • Coated steel frame + stainless steel shafts
  • Safety cladding + door switch (blade stops when the door is opened)
  • 1 Control box
  • PLC Touchscreen with pre-programmed speeds
  • Multiple binder positions
  • Options for integrated label / label machine