CallaStar: sorting and bunching of Callas

CallaStar is the new standard grade and bunch machines for Callas (Zantedeschias). This machine is developed in modules providing solutions for any situation. The callas are measured by grading parameters and dropped in either collecting bins or inserted in bunching stations. From these bunching stations, the flowers are bound, than manually picked up, controlled and placed at the right length and distance for the cutting machine and the binders.

The Calla grading and bunching machine grades the Callas on the following parameters:

  • Stem length
  • Flower hight
  • Diameter calyx / flower
  • Stem diameter
  • Stem curve


  • Inputstations (1-4)
  • Hight adjustable pre-cutting knife
  • Twisting mechanics
  • Inspection space (1-5 cameras)
  • Sorting Bins (3-6 positions)
  • Bunching stations (4-16 positions)
  • Pocket conveyor per running meter
  • Cutting conveyer including hight measuring lines, knife and binder positions
  • Length grading + buffering system
  • Bucket fill + vessel buffering system