Debulber: a new debulbing method

The new debulbing machine stands out for good accessibility of the rotating parts enabling thorough cleaning. Rotating the de-bulbing technique away from the processing line without loss of the settings. This new de-bulbing method ensures limited breach of stems. Stems can not get jammed and will not miss any jacks or torpedos. Choises of material are adapted to water-forced breeding (stainless steel and plastic).


  • Very simple set up
  • Easy bulb size changing
  • Low maintance costs
  • High Capacity


  • Capacity is always higher than bunching machine capacity
  • Suitable for Quality Bunchers, TulipStars and Furoras
  • Additional options: T-Star Synchor Unit for Furora optimization
  • Connection: 380V 20A compressed air
  • Optional jacks and Havatec Crush system
  • Easy cleaning
  • Resistant to plant acid through sustainable materials such as stainless steel
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Almost no breaching stems