FloraStar: grading and bunching of several sorts of flowers

The FloraStar has a bunching capacity of 10,000 flowers. The machine is suitable for various flower sorts, among which Alstroemerias, Spray-carnation, Chrysanthemum and Hypericum. The flowers are graded by length, curve, weight and numbers of flower buds. X-ray techniques are used since bud’s and stems could be tucked away between leafs. The FloraStar is a co-development with a group of 9 Alstroemeria growers.

Grading using X-rays

The flowers are being multiple graded (length, curve, weight and number of flower buds). The stem as well as the flower buds can be hidden in the leafs and therefor is a regular camera insufficient. The FloraStar uses X-ray techniques; a long term Havatec expertise that has proven it’s success.

Uniform bunches

Through the machine’s objective measurement are the manual grading differences among personnel history. Which has a positive effect on the uniformity of the bunches. The input of classification per flower sort or per customer is saved in the operating system of the machine. Adjustments of the classifications is simple and can be done by the growers.

Since the machine performs the classification it is no longer necessary to rely on the enduring concentration capacity of your staff. A great deal of flexibility is reached by the simplicity of the flower input. The machine itself determines the bud height of a flower through a fully automated set up unit, which ensures a uniform height of all flowers in the bunch.

Indepent input with multiple people

This machine contains 3 conveyor belts standard that can be filled with flowers independently with a 1 stem/sec speed. Hence preventing the second input from merely full compartments on the conveyor. Therefor yielding a high capacity of 10,000 flowers per hour.

Floor space

The FloraStar measures 20 meter length and 2 meters wide on a FloraStar containing 3 gradings. Since the several gradings in bunches are performed on the same pocket conveyor, there is a need for only 2 binders for all gradings. The grade and speed of the rotators is adjustable.


  • Measurements: 16x2.5 x 3 meter (l x w x h)
  • Weight: approx 3.500 kilos
  • Capacity: 10,000 flowers per hour
  • Inspection: X-ray or visual cameras upon request
  • Connection: 380V / 32A compressed air
  • Connected load: 32A
  • Air Quality: ISO/DIN 8573-1 class 3-4-3