MagniFica: new grading and bunching machines for several flower sorts

MagniFica is Havatec’s the newest grading and bunching machine and suitable for various flower sorts. The machine is based on a patented grip-input system that transports the flowers through an inspection module. The bunch is cut to length and bound after collection of the bouquet.

The flowers are placed in the correct bunching system, where the bouquet is being composed based on the programmed grading parameters. The bunch is placed on a bunch collecting conveyor. The collecting conveyer consists of a fixed knife with 1 or two binders. The bunch station takes care of placement of the bunch at the correct length relative to the cutting knife. As soon as the bunch is cut off at correct length, it will be bound with elastic by 1 or 2 binders. The bunches will then further be transported to a bunch collection conveyor.


The MagniFica ensures a comfortable workflow with decreasing labour and increasing grading quality. On top of that, you will be working client order controlled, what can simple not be achieved without this machine. This machine can automated process large flowers in mixed bouquets or various sorts at the same time. The operation and design is unique in the world of agriculture; never before there has been so much effort put in the looks. Also, this machine has two new patents.

"The order maker for heavy flowers"


  • Modulair system
  • Capacity: 6.000 flower positions per hour
  • Bunch stations: clients request
  • Camara system: optical/infra red cameras tuned to product
  • Binders: 2 ARC Havatec binders