MonoStar; the processing of Gerberas

The MonoStar is a Gerbera bunching machine specially designed for automated grading and bunching of ‘mini’ Gerberas. This machine has a client order controlled effect, enabling the user to quickly adjust the settings to compose the requested order. The MonoSar grades the Gerberas on stem length and flower diameter. It is adjustable for the number of stems per bunch. The MonoStar is developed in modules and can be configured for any situation.

The standard speed from the machine is 10,800 hooks per hour. The machine is equipped with a standard input station.


  • Input station
  • Flower gripper Chain
  • Inpsection module for diameter and flower lenght
  • Saw unit
  • Grading on small flowers
  • Main conveyor per running meter
  • Bunch buffer conveyor per running meter
  • UV or Liqued Seal Zone
  • Output: 1-5 pieces
  • Binders: Number negotioated