"Twelve people working at a planting line conveyor belt"

Flower bulb planting line,

With the Havatec Plant Line it is possible to have 2 trays of 40x60cm on 2 sides of the belt, so that around a 9 meter treadmill there can be around 12 people. The trays lie against each other on the conveyor belt with a frontconveyor and a rearconveyor belt that can be made to the desired length. A guide bar has been made along the belt so that the bins do not drain. The start of the plant line is connected to the (possibly existing) cube box tipper. There is room for a Havatec Bulbstar between the Cube box turner and the plant line.

If a Bulbstar is not used, we can install a third conveyor belt for dirt and the "acid" bulbs that the staff sorts out manually. The Havatec Bulbstar can do this automatically.

- Variable speed
- Suitable for various puncture bins
- Suitable for water and potted soil growing
- Material choice is stainless steel and powder-coated steel
- Integrated dirt removal belt
- Dimensions customer-specific