Quality Buncher 2.0: bunching of tulips and summer flowers

The Quality Buncher 2.0 is the perfect solution for larger and smaller tulip growers and summer flower growers such as Peony. An excellent processing capacity can be reached without independency of the skills of your bunching personnel. The Quality Buncher operates simple and efficient with a very high capacity. Too short flowers are automatically sifted. The machine operates with the new Havatec De-leafer. Besides Peony and Tulip it also works with aconite, gilly flower, chrysanthemum, carnation, fleur-de-lis, daffodil, alstroemerias and allium on the Quality Buncher.

Operation of the system

Flowers are manually placed at equal height with the help of a line laser or positioner. For efficient use of the system, the Qualtity Buncher can be equipped with an active de-leafer that will remove as good as all the access leaf.

The rotating knife cuts the flowers at the preset length. A stem margin can be set with the two sensors. Too short flowers are automatically sifted so that your bouquets no longer have too short flowers.

The processing of flowers with an abundant leaf growth gives no limitations; an air stream keeps the leaves straight during the composing of the bunch. The result is a continuous quality and exceeds that of a hand-made bunch. The bunch is gradually passed to the binders. The reliable ARC binders make a stroke during a stop. The binders work in an easy flow and are not stressed. Thus ensuring a firmly bound bunch. The wrapper takes the bunches of the conveyor, rolls it in paper or sleeves them and puts them away in a bucket or barrel.

The system is suitable for any company size. An excellent processing capacity can be reached without the dependency on the skills of the bunchers. The Quality Buncher is easy to operate and efficient.

The Quality Bunchers qualities

  • Simple and compact
  • Labour reduction: 1-3 people
  • Effective capacity: up to 9,000 stems per hour
  • No dependency on the bunchers’ skills
  • Optimal bunch quality of various flower sorts
  • Automated sifting of too short flowers


  • Capacity: up to 9,000 flowers per hour
  • Sorting: 2 out of which 1 bunched
  • Bunch unit: low maintenance
  • Connection: 380V 16A compressed air (dried)
  • Binders: 2 ARC Havatec binders