RoyalStar: bunching and inserting of Gerbera

The RoyalStar is the bunching technique for the bunching of various sorts Gerberas. Te machine itself ensures that the flowers are singulated and placed in equally spaced positions for further processing.

Automated singulating system

The automated System of Singulation offers the possibility to input the Gerberas with multiple flowers at the same time. The machine itself makes sure that the flowers are singulated and in equally spaced positions further being processed. This technique yields a capacity of 10,000 to 13,000 flower positions per hour. It takes 2 people to fill up the machine with flowers, every person processes 5,000 to 7,000 flowers per hour.

Automated bunching

A new technique has been developed for the bunching of Gerbera flowers. This technique makes it possible to bunch flowers in bunches of 3 minimum and 25 maximum. The flowers are being transported directly and automatically to a pocket conveyor. The possibility of continuous bunching with only 1 bunching station is a great advantage of this bunch system. No loss of capacity due to changing of a bunch. Every bunching station is equipped with one ore two binding stations and a sleeving position.

Camera – inspection

Every RoyalStar is equipped with 2 camera systems. One camera measures the flower diameter, the other measures stem length and stem curve.

Inserting technique

The machine can be equipped with an insertion part for the automated insertion of Gerberas in their interiors:

  • All Gerbera ends are automatically removed.
  • Each individual Gerbera flower is positioned in a way that the bottom of the stem is placed right above a funnel gap. The funnel gaps are right above the gaps of the interiors.
  • The interiors are automatically de-folded in the the de-folding unit; the interiors are divided over the insertion paths with a dividing system

"The RoyalStar presents the first Flower sorting & bundling machine in the world"


  • Suitable for large and small flower Gerberas
  • High Capacity
  • Insertion part now available for Diamond packages
  • Two input places
  • MonoStar combination concepts for the most efficient performance