TulipMixStar; automated grading and bunching of tulips

The TulipMixStar concept has proven to be a machine that grades tulips every day and bunches in neat bunches through advanced X ray technique. At full capacity the machine processes 28000 tulips per hour. With LED positioning on the matts for making bunches with 2 to 10 colors.The speed can be adjusted tot the needed labour and that makes it very profitable for large growers. The Tulipstar has the lowest cost price per tulip and the least amount of damage to leaf and stem.

Tulip growers choose en mass for TulipMixStar

TheTulipMixStar is increasingly popular. High level techniques comibed with simplicity is the unique power of this machine that can work easily up to 16 hours per day without any delays or malfunctions. And that simplicity is translated in its pricing too. Low maintenance costs and very predictable. The necessary X-ray techniques for the recognition of the tulip buds hidden between the leafs, demands for some complex parts. Thanks to the in-house developed camera the chance of failure is small.

Focus on the Tulip

The bunch is being composed directly on the conveyor with the help of LED color presentation, the leaves are continuously held straight by an airstream during the collection of the stems. Not only as bunch machine, but also as grading machine this machines has earned its credits. Tulips are graded by length and/or weight. Another possibility is to sift the ripe tulips out. The TulipMixStar can be equipped for 3 gradings out of which 2 can be automatically bunched.

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  • Machine speed; 28,000 matts per hour
  • Number of gradings: maximum 10
  • Number of automated bunched gradings: maximum 2
  • Grading and rejection criteria: length, weight, curve and ripeness
  • Number of stems per bunch: in consultation
  • Connection: 380V 16A compressed air (dried)
  • Binders: 2 ARC Havatec binders
  • Inspection: X-ray optic ripeness measurement optional
  • Automatic sleaving: several
  • Machine size in consultation