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Havatec is the (international) supplier of grading, bunching and handling machines for the cut flower industry. Havatec delivers turn-key cut flower projects based on low, mid and high tech concepts. These various levels of technique provide solutions for any flower company and yields high returns. Havatec has specialized herself in mechanical solutions combined with in-house software development. The methods of grading are x-ray based techniques, color cameras and infra-red rays. The necessary science is deep rooted within the Havatec personnel, providing the distinctive innovation urge Havatec has become known for. Some of the cutting flowers that are processed on the Havatec concepts are: Chrysanthemum, Sprayrose, Gerbera, Tulip, Alstroemeria, Carnation, Zantedeschia (Calla), Lily and many more.
Havatec present at SMTB 2020
The mechanization exhibition is a remarkable event which takes place every year immediately at the beginning of the year 2020 from 7 til 9 january. This year again at the Expo Haarlemmermeer, close to Hoofddorp. In an area of 10,000 m2 the exhibitors bring a range of products into the
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Havatec Wave, une nouvelle trieuse automatique pour fleurs coupées
Wave, la nouvelle trieuse automatique de Havatec (Pays-Bas), permet de trier différentes espèces de fleurs coupées : delphiniums, alstrœmères, glaïeuls, chrysanthèmes et lis. La machine peut trier jusqu’à 3 000 – 4 000 tiges par heure. Avec 2 personnes par machine, il est possible de trier 1 500 à 2
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FlowMaster streamlines orders at Dutch gerbera grower
At nursery R.Mooyman in De Lier, Havatec installed a semi-automated inserting machine for gerberas. Workers only need to stick the flowers in the boxes. On one side, you insert the box. The line unfolds it and puts it in the right angle to stick in the flowers. Then they again
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Havatec present on IFTF 2019 standno. C4.28
From 6 to 8 November 2019 the International Floriculture Trade Fair will take place at the Expo Haarlemmermeer. Havatec is also present at this IFTF in vijfhuizen at booth C4.28.
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RTL-Z “How it’s Done” film with Mark
A glass and horticultural documentary was shown on RTLZ last Saturday, in which Havatec plays an important role. Recordings were made for this during the first year in the new building. Havatec builds Sorting Forest and Handling machines for the cut flower world. Havatec is active internationally, we develop, build
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Havatec present on FLowersExpo Moscow Rusland
"FlowersExpo – key to the Russian market" For the ninth time, from September 10 to 12, in Moscow, at the largest Russian exhibition venue in Crocus Expo IEC, the next premiere of the international exhibition FlowersExpo will take place, which is showing record growth this year. Visit us at booth
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